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  • 10 days for 10Ks

    Short but sweet; time for another burst of creativity. This month, we’ll be using the Archetype, Appearance, Motive and Murphy’s Law Gens.

    The goal, is to write a story of at least 10,000 words before the end of the 25th using the aforementioned Gens:

    Archetype Gen (Semi-restricted): Use this Gen to produce up to THREE possible archetypes, then choose at least ONE of three to use in your story. This character can be your main character, a secondary character, the antagonist; the choice is up to you as long as they are featured in your story somewhere; the more, the better.
    You may NOT generate any more than THREE archetypes; once your three chances have been used, that’s it; you have to choose from one of the three characters, no matter how crazy or inappropriate they all may be!

    Appearance Gen (Free Use): Use this Gen to produce one or more characters for your story. They can be your protagonists, antagonists or important supporting characters.

    Motive Gen (Free use): Use this Gen to give a goal to one of your characters. This goal must apply to the main or secondary character.

    Murphy’s Law Gen (Free Use): Use this Gen to help or hinder your characters. (Hindrance is better though!) You may use this as many times as you like.

    You can write as many stories as you wish in any genres that you choose.

    Send your stories to RanGen HERE (please don’t send them as attachments; put the story in the body of the email), and write your name (it doesn’t need to be your real name) and “March Writing Challenge” in the subject line. If you’re having trouble sending long stories in one email, split it in two and clearly mark both as part 1 and part 2.
    Alternatively, you can create a free account on Wattpad and submit your stories there. Don’t forget to send me the link!

    Be sure to include with your story the results of all the generators!

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