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December Updates

OK! Time for some updates.

1 – V3 Gens are here!
2 – First updates to the Plot Gen are live; more to come soon.
Appearance, Weapon, Archetype updated. Personality and Law updating soon.
3 – New Straw Polls. Finding out a little bit more about you, please vote HERE and HERE!
4 – Follow RanGen on Twitter and Facebook. πŸ˜€

If you missed my post about it on Facebook, I mentioned that I’ve been given the ability to produce a more advanced version of the Gens which allows me to create more complex generators that are simultaneously easier to build and update. Several of the Gens have had to make do with the previous limitations, but now the limitations been removed and the Gens can really begin to grow. And the first of those is the
Character Appearance Generator! Check it out! It now has several more options to choose from, and also runs a bit smoother. I’m happy with how the App Gen V3 is running right now, and hopefully you’ll be too!

With the App Gen out of the way, I’ve finally been able to resume construction of the Plot Gen. I’ve added some results so that now you get a Detailed and Complete story for both Fantasy and Romance (previously you could only get a premise). That should give people a bit more to work with while I focus on adding more elements for the Fantasy plots. Dark and Mythical Fantasy got the most votes in the straw poll, so I’ll start with those two. Also, the Plot Gen is now V3. 😗

Another Gen that has been updated to V3 is the Weapon Gen. This also has more options to choose from, and also I added two new weapon types: the Mace and the War Hammer. I’m almost halfway through the complete list of weapons I want it to have!

Another two Gens are in the process of being updated to V3; the Personality Gen and the out-of-control Law Gen (as ironic as that is). I imagine the Per Gen will be ready first; I’m still um-ing and aah-ing about how I want the Law Gen to display its results, so I think that will take a while longer.

Finally, for now, I’d like to get a better idea of who YOU are, and what you use RanGen for, so I can be sure to focus on the things that people want first. So, to that end, I have two questions for you: What is your age range, and What do you mainly use RanGen for? You can let me know in the Straw Polls below, or by visiting them directly HERE and HERE if you’re on mobile. Thank you in advance!

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