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February updates

Now that spring is finally starting to be a concept again, it’s time for me to knuckle down and get some work done around here. First order of business; a bundle of new Gens for y’all. Please welcome the Continent Generator, the Traits & Quirks gen, and the Awkward Moments Generator!

Starting with the Continent Gen, this will be our next stop on our Worldbuilding Challenge quest. We have our Solar System and Planet; now it’s time to zoom in and start working on the world itself. If you missed the introduction to the Worldbuilding Challenge, check out the previous post HERE for more info, and join in on the fun!

Use the Continent Gen to create landmasses for your world, and arrange them as you see fit. It provides details such as size, climate and geological features, and should work well as a good starting point for your maps. It also includes a selection of images to help inspire your creativity; for the time being, the range of images produced is limited, but this is just a temporary phase for now. In the meantime, have a go with the Gen, and don’t forget to leave a comment to let me know how you’re liking it!

The Traits & Quirks and Awkward Moments Gens are both great for adding some extra flavour to your character and your writing. And for February Writing Challenges! Go grab a pen, and report back here on Sunday for the next one!

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