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Well, that was an adventure…

If you tried to visit the site during the last week, if you weren’t presented with a white page saying showing an “Error establishing database connection message”, you no doubt you come upon a weird sight; the style and layout of the pages were completely different (and quite jumbled up in some cases), and the site name had randomly changed from “RanGen” to “Hejhejheh”.
Despite that though, the Gen pages themselves were still accessible (albeit with the funky new layout) if you happened to have the page bookmarked or knew what addresses to type.

The good news is that the site was not hacked, I did not decide to end RanGen, nor did I simply lose my mind.  It seems that the web-host suffered from a series of cataclysmic system errors from what I could gather, and lots of people’s sites were showing as blank or, like mine, with a default theme that was no longer connected to the database, so no longer able to show posts or certain sections of the site. It took about 5 and a half days for RanGen to get back to this state. Hopefully, everything will be A-OK now.

If you’re not doing so already, now would be a great time to on Twitter;  I post updates, daily writing prompts and sometimes some random rambling, and if the server decides to flip out for a week again, you can see my updates about it there straight off the presses.

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