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Summer Colours; the June Art Challenge has begun!


With time to kill, you still have a mystery to solve...

Result 14 - Part 2, out now!
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Journey Generator - V3!

Last updated: Wednesday 6th March, 2024 ~ What's New?

Ever wondered how long it would take to go on a LotR-style epic journey? Wonder no more!
Enter your journey details and away you go.

Choose the Delay Intensity to get some interesting suggestions for things that cause your journey to be longer than expected, from difficult terrain to altercations with other characters. Be warned, the "Epic" setting can make things outrageous. :)

Where are you journeying to? Another Country, perhaps?

For simplicity's sake in the Gen's calculations, a "month" is considered to be 30 days exactly. Please bear this in mind when working with your world's calendar, and use the amount of days/weeks it specifies to get a more accurate result if necessary.

The Endurance level affects how long the traveller can keep going before needing to rest. High endurance means less breaks needed.

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Travel Method: Speed:
Units: Distance:
Rest break length: Endurance level:
Hours of sleep per day: Delay Intensity:
Get Going

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Come on a Random Adventure!

Result 14 - Part 3 out now!

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