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Things are starting to get... a bit shifty for 'Valine' and Ameronis...

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August Writing Challenge

Happy August!

It’s that time again (albeit a teensy bit late), to dust off our keyboards and pencils and get back to writing. With November fast approaching, we only have a few more months to get our writing muscles big and strong. If you’re planning to take part of this year’s NaNoWriMo, it’s definitely time to start getting mentally prepared for that, via a considerably smaller and easier task! All of you who have wanted to take part but weren’t quite brave enough, and all you who vowed that you would do it this month (you all know who you are!), step forward! You can do it!

Before we get to work on that though, I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who visited the site and got in touch last month. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions and comments, told me about misbehaving Gens, sent in stories or just stopped by to say hi.  And an especially big thank you to visitors who checked out the ads, bought the recommended books or donated. It is all highly appreciated!

Feedback for the Journey Gen has been positive so far, so I will be updating that shortly to make it more useful and interesting. A requested Gen is on its way, as well as a highly desired new one, so keep an eye out for those.

As for the August Writing Challenge, the Gens we’ll be using this month are:

City Gen (Free use): Use this Gen to determine the location of your story. You may generate any number of cities and use one or more as the locations in your story.
You may NOT edit plots or mix-and-match city results.

Love Interest (Free use): Use this/these characters to help or hinder your characters as your story progresses. You may use more than one.

Plot Gen (Free use): You may generate as many results as you like and use any ONE that you are happy with as the plot for your story. You may use Premise, Detailed, or Complete plot results.
You may NOT edit plots or mix-and-match plots.

Using these Gens, write a short story between 5,000 and 10,000 words (about 6 – 11 pages), before the 26th of the month.

You can write as many stories as you wish in any genres that you choose.

Send your stories to RanGen HERE (please don’t send them as attachments; put the story in the body of the email), and write your name (it doesn’t need to be your real name) and “August Writing Challenge” in the subject line. If you’re having trouble sending long stories in one email, split it in two and clearly mark both as part 1 and part 2, ect.
Alternatively, you can create a free account on Wattpad and submit your stories there. Don’t forget to send me the link!

Be sure to include with your story the results of all the generators! Time to get writing; have fun!

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Come on a Random Adventure!

Result 13 - FOUR new parts available to read now!

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