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Result 14 - Part 2, out now!
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New Gens and Updates for December

Latest news: The New Country Generator, a couple of Gen updates, the To-Do Lists and SSB:U, and a December Challenge!

Antique-style Globe

I’ve been quite busy working on all sorts of things around the site this and last month. I made some steady progress on the Plot Gen, had a gruelling fight with the Family Gen but finally managed to beat it into submission, finished the latest update for the Plant Gen, and managed to complete the newest member of the RanGen family; the Country Generator!

Sister to the existing Continent Gen, the Country Gen produces a detailed selection of demographics to help kick-start the creative process. I’ll be adding a little more info to it soon, but we’ll see how y’all like it in the meantime.


You may have noticed the large list of Recently Updated Gens in the left sidebar menu. As I mentioned, I’ve been making a lot of changes everywhere and a bunch of Gens got minor updates. However, the two Gens that got the biggest minor updates are the Magical Artifact Generator and the Evil Location Name Generator (formerly known as the Villainous Abode Gen). I’ve boosted the type and amount of options they both produce, and with the latest update to the Evil Location Name Gen, the two now complement each other a lot, providing a whole bunch of new possibilities. I’ll come back to that later.

My To-Do Lists + a new Misc Gen

Aside from twiddling with the site speed and ads again, I also added an FAQ to the site, as well as two of my to-do lists, to help both you and I keep track of what I’m up to. I will actually need to put “update to-do list” ON the to-do list…but, it’s a start!

Also, I decided to upload a Gen that I created to use offline with my friends and family, but I figure other people might like it as well. If you want to try a couple of new ways to play, check out my Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Selector.

December Art Challenge

With NaNoWriMo wrapped up for another year, now is the time to put down your pens and rest and relax a little…and pick up a paintbrush instead! That’s right; it’s time for the December Art Challenge, featuring none other than the aforementioned Magical Artifact and Evil Location Name Generators.

Ancient Magical Artifact

The challenge this time around is to use both Gens and draw a magical artifact contained within an evil location. How you interpret the names of both is entirely up to you, and you can use whatever method or art style you wish to draw it.

December Writing Challenge

But, for those of you who are less artistically included, or who have a burning desire to write instead, YOUR challenge is to write a short backstory for this scene; what is the history of the location and how did it get its name, and what exactly is the artifact, and how did it end up in such an evil place?

For both challenges, you have until the end of December to complete them. Do you think you can do it? Which option will you choose? Either way, be sure to share the results of your work with us!

Once again, thank you all so much for your continued patience and support!
And a big thank you to RanGen’s Patrons:

Duncan, Ellie, Lokomotives, Sander, Stuart and Terence!

Your continued support helps immeasurably and keeps RanGen going. Thank you!

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