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Summer Colours; the June Art Challenge has begun!


With time to kill, you still have a mystery to solve...

Result 14 - Part 2, out now!
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Snowfall Serenity – December ’23 Art Challenge

December. It is a time of cold, ice, and snow, creating magical winter wonderland scenes despite the dark, danger and stillness, creating a perfect opportunity to capture the contrast with this Art Challenge featuring the Evil Location and Magical Artifact Gens.

Your goal is to create a scene within an eerie winter landscape; an evil location marked by the presence of a magical artifact. Try to capture the contrast between the serene snowfall and beautiful winter features, and the ominous aura emanating from the location. And what of the artifact? Is it good or evil or somewhere between the two? What effect does its presence have on the scene?

Can you make the most of colour, lighting, and texture to emphasise the mysterious and enchanting atmosphere?


You can re-roll the Gens as often as you like until you find something you can work with. You can use the Simple or Detailed options.

How you interpret the description is entirely up to you, and you can use whatever method or art style you wish to create your art; digital, hand-drawn, AI-generated, sculpted, knitted…so use whatever you like! Just let us know what you did. Want to use elements from another Gen? Go ahead! Just make sure that the Evil Location and Magical Artifact Gens are the main focus.

You can draw as many as you like if you can manage it! When you’re done, be sure to share your artwork via the Disqus chat or on your social media accounts and include the hashtag #RangenArtChallenge so the world can view your work! Don’t forget to tag me!

@Ameronis on Twitter and Tumblr,
@AmeronisRanGen on Facebook, Instagram, and Wattpad, and
u/Ameronis_RanGen on Reddit

Don’t forget to include the Gen results you based your work on.

You can do it!

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Come on a Random Adventure!

Result 14 - Part 3 out now!

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