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An Exceptionally Deadly Update

It’s ironic that, as we continue on through these dark and deadly times, the latest updates and additions to these Gens are also dark and deadly. However, hopefully soon, we’ll be able to enjoy lighter, more magical times.

It’s certainly not my intention to post these updates like, once every 6 months, but despite my silence here, I have been working on things in the background as usual, both on minor changes, as well as larger ones. This time around, we have a new Gen, two long-overdue additions, and a handful of smaller updates.

The Terrain Generator Update

I added 4 more terrain types to further help describe your worlds: Savannah, Tundra, Farmland, and Marshland. I also tweaked the output, fixed some errors, and added some updates to the already existing terrains.

In addition, I added a Random option to help give a bit more variety and am planning to add more terrains soon. But for now, I will be focusing on a couple of other Gens.

Explore the new locales in the Terrain Generator here.

Jobs for all time

Aside from adding a handful of jobs to the Modern categories, I’ve also added Medieval and Futuristic categories to the Gen as well. Now your characters can make a living whatever the time period! There’s a lot of room for improvement for this one, so I’ll be adding more to this as time goes by. Check out the Job Gen here.

The Pregnancy Generator Update

Photo by from Pexels

This update also required a rebuild of the code to bring it in line with my current standards, allowing the Gen to become sleeker and faster. A handful of old, oft-requested features have been added. This includes more medical conditions from temporary to minor to severe, the option for conjoined twins to appear (it’s currently set at a 5% chance, which is massively high in comparison to reality, which is more like 0.0018%), and, different survival rates for individual babies during single or multiple births; it is possible for one, some or none of the babies to survive. This is completely optional, however, and it will not kick in unless the Complications option is enabled. I will continue to tweak the likelihood of conjoined twins and mortality rate as time goes by depending on feedback; be sure to leave a comment here once you’ve checked the Pregnancy Gen out!

The New Poison Generator

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

So last time, I shared with you all a glorious array of meals and snacks to go with the refreshing drinks that were previously available. This time, I’m letting you know your days are numbered now as I may or may not have added various substances to said meals and drinks using the new Poison Generator. What substances? Who knows! There were so many. And, as for whether you’ll survive, well, I tested it on my Patrons earlier…They seem to still be kicking about, but that was just a beta version, so I’ll be watching you guys closely to see how y’all manage with the full version. 😈

Choose the application method and level of lethality, and away you go. Just be sure not get any bottles mixed up…

Aside from that, I’ve made a handful of smaller adjustments to other Gens; you can see which Gens have been most recently updated here, on the Updates To-Do list page.

If you’d like to find out more about what I’m doing behind the scenes, see WIP Gens, and even have access to new Gens early, you should consider becoming a Patron, like these awesome folks:

Duncan, Ellie, Lokomotives, Sander, Stuart, Terence, Kim, and Kristin

And my newest Patron,


To patrons past and present, I thank you for your support; it reeeeaaally helps!
That’s all for now, see you on the next one!

P.s For those of who you took part in my banner test, thanks a lot! Here’s your cookie.

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

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