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August Art Challenge

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, if you happen to have an imagination. Something that conjures up a particular image to one person may create a completely different picture in another person’s mind. To that end, let’s try something a little different this time around.

This is a special challenge; either an art challenge, a writing challenge, or both! And for this, we will be using the Terrain and the Magical Artifact Generators.

The task is simple; using the Terrain Gen to decide the background, and the Artifact Gen to choose the subject, you will need to fuse the results together in order to form the ultimate lifeform picture!

The trick is that although the Terrain Generator gives a more detailed description of what its terrains look like, the Magical Artifact Gen does not; it simply gives you a name, leaving it entirely up to you to decide what the object looks like and what its power actually is. What does The Necklace of Endless Nightmares actually look like? How does it work? Only you can say!

So, the rules are:

  1. Use the Terrain Gen to choose a background location and features for your image.
  2. Select an object from the Magical Artifact Gen and decide what you think it looks like based on its name.
  3. Combine the two into one image, with the Artifact being a prominent feature in the picture; don’t hide it away in a tiny corner!
  4. For bonus points, write a description or backstory for your artifact; explain what it is, what it does, how and why it’s in the place where it is now, and any significant events surrounding its existence.

The conditions are as follows:

  1. You can create your image using any method or medium, so paper and pen, or a digital images are all welcome, as are black & white or colour.
  2. Ensure that the Magical Artifact looks like that; magical. It could be Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Steam-Punk; the genre doesn’t matter, as long as it’s clear that it’s not just a plain old object. I want to see wild designs, gems, runes, tribal patterns, glowing lights and auras left, right and centre! Swords, for example, need to be quite sensible to be functional in real life, but not here!
  3. You must save the description that you use for both the Terrain and the Artifact and include them along with your picture. We won’t be able to see how well you interpreted your results if we can’t see what the results were!
  4. There are no right or wrong pictures; this is a chance for your imagination and interpretation to get to work.
  5. You can do more than 1 image.

To get everyone into the swing of things, I will keep it simple now, but next time, things will be a bit more challenging, heheheh…

Be sure to share your images online, via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr; whatever it is the kids are using these days, and so I know that it’s part of this challenge, mark it with #AugustMagicalArt. Now get those crayons going, and happy drawing!

Be sure to  on Twitter


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Come on a Random Adventure!

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