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The Simple Creative Writing Book

Last time, we established the fact that writing is easy, becoming a writer is hard. Many people will fail to make the grade because of a simple lack of understanding of what to do and how to do it. That being the case, what better way to start your writing career than with an instruction book? Fortunately for us, I have one here.

The Simple Creative Writing Book

Written by Imran Siddiq, the successful author of several Young Adult Sci-Fi novels, The Simple Creative Writing Book is the result of years of knowledge gained through experience, study and trial and error. All the rules, tips and tricks he has learned during his journey as a writer, he has gathered into one place to help you on your journey.

Starting with advice on making time to write, right up to getting your finished work published, The Simple Creative Writing Book gives clear, astute advice in a simple manner, as the name implies. With bite size chunks of information covering each step of the writing process, it makes an ideal Writer’s Handbook; if you are new to this, it suggests what you should do next to keep you moving forward; if you are more advanced, it works well as a checklist of things to remember and go through, particularly helpful if you are prone to forgetting some of the finer details.

The instructions are kept short and sweet and the book is easy to pick up, put down and resume again at any point; don’t need to go over the basics of grammar? Not a problem. Just skip ahead to the chapter on Dialogue and away you go. Already finished your story? Go straight to the chapter on the Synopsis and go from there.

What I like most about The Simple Creative Writing Book is that rather than being a long-winded, comprehensive manual that rigidly tells you what to do, it instead gives advice based on the author’s experiences and suggests what would work best next; a form of Show, Don’t Tell (for which there is also a chapter). Its main focus is on getting you to think about finding your own way forward, rather than following a set way of doing things. Indeed Mr Imran Siddiq encourages this at the start of the book, and I think he managed to achieve this quite well.

From very early on whilst reading the tips, I found my mind racing with new ideas for my work, as well as a desire to return to things I had left unfinished. You may find some tips you already know, some you never even thought of, some you disagree with or won’t work for you, others that are imperative, that are essential for success. All in all, I think this would be a very good addition to your Creative Writing arsenal.

Coming in three formats (Kindle, IBook and Paperback) and at 98 pages long, The Simple Creative Writing Book is a good choice for aspiring and intermediate writers alike who wish to cover all the basics, be suitably prepared and get started quickly. It is available on and, so pick up a copy today and get writing!

Each purchase made on Amazon via RanGen provides RanGen with a small commission from Amazon itself (you don’t pay anything except the price of your purchase), so helping yourself and the authors with these books in turn helps RanGen stay online and grow, so do check out the selection. As always, your support is greatly appreciated.

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