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Summer Colours; the June Art Challenge has begun!


With time to kill, you still have a mystery to solve...

Result 14 - Part 2, out now!
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October Catch-Up

Welp, it’s October; the month of cold and spook. I’m not sure if it got here quicker than normal or if it arrived on time… Either way, 2022 is around the corner now!

You may have noticed a lack of activity around the site for a while. Aside from the odd minor update, and my lurking in the comments that is. But! I’ve got some spare time now, so I can get back to RanGen, woo!

Once again, I’ll be catching up on any built-up mail, especially any that ended up incorrectly marked as “spam”. Despite my attempts to stop this, it’s still happening, so that’s a thing… Keep an eye out for my delayed responses!


I haven’t been working much on the Gens lately, so don’t have anything new to present or any major updates. However, I do have a couple of partially-built Gens that I’ll be resuming work on. Patrons who’re interested in testing out these Beta Gens will be able to do so soon. Be warned; they’re horrible monstrosities so far!

Speaking of Patrons, despite my absence, three more wonderful individuals have joined the ranks! Welcome

Meraxes, Clonetone, and Linn Browning!

Thank you so much, guys! I’ll do my best to pick up the pace and make it worth your while! And thank you to the existing Patrons for sticking around during this dry spell. YOU’RE GONNA REGRET IT! You’re the best. 🥰

Jessica Marnne, Svenja Filthaut, Hailey Sanders, Zena Wagner, Laurence, Sloshy Scout, Kristin Wingo, Kim Lightle, Lokomotives, Duncan Thomson, Sander Countryman, Ellie Sweeney, Terence Halton and Stuart Gipp.

I want you! (To respond to my polls)

I’m hoping to get a bit more user interaction going on, so I’ll be making polls on RanGen, Facebook and Twitter to get peep’s opinions on stuff, so keep an eye out for that. The first such poll can be found here; check it out.


And for those of you who are looking for a challenge, why not head over to the October Challenge page; get your crayons ready, boiz and gurls! It’s an Art challenge this time around!

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Come on a Random Adventure!

Result 24 - Part 2 out now!

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A night to remember

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