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Things are starting to get... a bit shifty for 'Valine' and Ameronis...

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Scraping off the rust; latest updates

Hey guys! How’s it going? I’m not dead! It’s been a while since I checked in, so it’s time for me to scrape off the rust and get back in. I was going to update LAST month but ended up sick AND super busy, so had to delay it.

What have I been up to?

Aside from lurking in the comments (as usual), I’ve been juggling a series of things over the last four months. Mostly personal, but others relating to RanGen. I was a little quiet on the site itself initially but have made a bunch of updates and fixes. A handful of larger updates were also paused, but I’ve got most of those back on the road so far.

I’ve been having a fistfight with the Quick Character Gen, working on a moderate overhaul. Aside from introducing a few new features, these adjustments will make it easier to update the Gen in the future. It also allowed me to deal with a handful of persistent issues that have been floating around for a while. There are a couple I still need to get to, but, I’ll deal with them soon, even if it kills me! (Hopefully, it won’t)

Other Gens that got updates are the Appearance, Love Interest, Traits & Quirks, and Pet Gens, to name but a few.

Nice to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who sent me messages during this time; I’ve taken the suggestions on board, and dealt with or made a note of your bug reports. I do need to respond to a few of y’all, so keep an eye out for responses by March 2038. But, on that note, it happens very, very often that I write a well-thought-out, heart-warming, academy award-winning response to someone, only to receive a message back a couple of hours later complaining that the message didn’t reach the recipients for a variety of reasons. Please make sure to use a correct, working email address if you want to hear back from me! I get the impression that some people are sending messages from school email addresses, etc, so that could be part of the issue.

Fite me!

Fite me, bro!
You and me, bro!

Anyhoo, you guys may remember that I totally, utterly, completely thrashed you in our Random Weapon battle. You know; the one where my copper spear owned you and your iron battle-axe with 67% of the votes? Yeah, that was great!
But, I’ve decided to give you a chance to fight to regain your honour. I’m prepared to give you a rematch, AND, this time, I’ve chosen a weapon first from a selection of 5 options (<- Click to see what options I got). For this battle (if you dare to face me), I will be using a heavy steel scythe with a jagged edge. Now it’s your turn to choose.

This is a scythe, but not as awesome as my jagged-edged one!

Do you think you can win against me this time with my scythe?!? We shall see…

Vote for your weapon in the poll below, or click here to go to the site if the poll isn’t working! We’ll see who the ultimate battle master will be! (Me, obviously).

Thanks for sticking around!

While you guys are fumbling about in the blacksmith’s, I’d like to take a moment to thank you all for continuing to visit and enjoy the site! It’s great to see and hear how you’re using the prompts and how they’re helping you out. And, I need to give a big thanks to my Patrons for sticking with me during this dry spell. You guys are the best.

Sebastian J. Quelaag, Meraxes, Clonetone, Linn Browning, Jessica Marnne, Svenja Filthaut, Hailey Sanders, Zena Wagner, Laurence, Sloshy Scout, Kristin Wingo, Kim Lightle, Lokomotives, Duncan Thomson, Sander Countryman, Ellie Sweeney, Terence Halton and Stuart Gipp.

I mentioned previously that I’ll have a beta version of a new Gen for the patrons to play with soon, but that ended up being one of the projects currently paused. However, that will soon be unpaused and, I’m working ANOTHER beta for ya’ll to try out soon as well, something, unlike my current stuff. So look forward to that! Assuming I don’t crumple under the weight of life, of course. 🙂

Until next time!

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Come on a Random Adventure!

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